Neil Broomfield

Neil Broomfield- Monsanto, Swiss paint, Bulletproof Glass and Door Knobs

Landing the bullet resistant glass contract in Hong Kong was the most off the wall, unexpected and potentially profitable thing that ever happened.

The excitement, the rush, all of that. I loved developing the particular specification, as required by the contract, for the glass to resist an AK47 bullet. That part was a real challenge, getting the glass configuration right and having it tested to the satisfaction of the Royal Hong Kong Police.

I loved it.

Polly Venning

Polly Venning, Corporate High Flyer turned Serial Entrepreneur.

The thing I would change is, I would not pay attention to the nay sayers that surrounded me as a teenager. I would of found a way to go to university. I would of studied law.

I grew up in a farming community so education for girls was not considered a priority, university was not even an option.

Now, I sit on quite a few boards and I’m a brand ambassador for Magdalene College in Cambridge, so I’ve certainly had lots and lots of fabulous opportunities that I wouldn’t trade for the world.