What is it that separates the entrepreneur from the rest of us mortal human beings?

What is it that motivates a person to strike out on their own… choose the road less traveled?

Are entrepreneurs born or made?  Is it nature or nurture? Why did they say “No thanks” to the metaphorical safe job at the bank to pursue something different?

 Humans Of Business focuses on the individual behind the business. My name is Mark and I ask the questions. I sit down with each guest and talk candidly about what makes them tick. What are their core values, their life experiences, both positive and negative, major influences, major mistakes, their aspirations, inspirations and limitations?  

The first question I ask is “Where did you grow up?”. Going right back to the beginning. For me, that’s where it all starts. I then track their path from childhood to successful business owner.

These long form interviews allow our guests to share intimate and personal stories from their life; their successes, their failures, challenges and triumphs. You have a front row seat.

Humans of Business chats with a wide and varied range of guests, from local sole traders to founders of multinational corporations.

The Podcast is available from the usual podcast apps. Links will be in each post.\

Each post on this site, as well as our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, will be accompanied by photos of our guests taken by a multi-award winning professional photographer (who I am lucky enough to be married to!). This is to give you an even deeper sense of the person behind the story.

We both love this project and the time we spend with such inspiring people.

Thank you for listening.

M and C