Dick Mark OAM

Dick Marks OAM, Film Director, Production Company owner.

"My biggest challenge was my health. Making sure I got up every morning, before dawn and just keeping it together.

It’s a very difficult thing to do day in day out, 16 hours a day was kind of normal. We would shoot at dawn then you have breakfast then work through till about 10 at night. After that you may look at rushes from the day before.

It’s enormously challenging physically, I mean, we went 13 years without a holiday, or a break.

From the first moment I went onto a (film) set that was it for me, I was going to do this for the rest of my life.

Keeping myself well enough was never a priority, you’ve got a lot of international travel and you’re in hotels and strange places. You’re not eating properly there’s no toilets.

My wife took control of my health because I was totally incapable of managing it. However, that didn’t stop me from being in a hotel in Asia and getting antibiotics injected into me at midnight because I had a pre-dawn start the next morning.

You make some very bad decisions about your health when you’re under that sort of pressure."