Dick Marks OAM

Dick Marks OAM, Film Director, Production Company owner.

"Polaroid cameras had just come out. I’m 13 or 14 years old and I wanted to make money. So I thought I’d buy one of these cameras and photograph people at the intermission during the movies on Saturday Night.

I’ll photograph the girls and they can get their photograph straight away and I’ll charge them $1 a head, I made really good money.

Saturday night at the movies, 9 o’clock you’d walk around to the Bellview café and the girls were all done up and the guys were all hanging out. It was an interesting scene. Everyone was in the milk bar. I’d just go around and take photographs with the Polaroid. The magic of this thing! The image coming up straight away!

I would sell as many as I could take. I wanted to be independent. "