Steve Trice

Steve Trice
Growing up poor, Finding Opportunities, Facing Fear and Hard Graft.

The customer is the be all and end all and that is it. The customer, the customer, the customer.

If they’re not getting what they wanted, if they're not getting success out of what we do. we’ve failed.

It’s not about me, we just happen to have a portfolio, a smorgasbord of things that we can give and we match our product to the customer and if the customer gets a big tick in a box, well.

There’s nothing I used to love more when I was knackered, really tired, flown overseas, come back and someone rings me up and says “you know that thing? well, we’ve been audited we’ve got no non-compliance’s! Fantastic! it’s never happened before!” that makes me happy.

It wasn’t about the fact that you charged him $50,000, that wasn’t the issue, the issue was about the fact that they had had a massive win
Understanding the customers and their culture and improving their culture by giving them tools to do it that was really what it was all about.